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The Werewolf's Domain
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Description: MADE BY: FenrirFangs 0:00- Skyrim's storms are a force to be reckoned with. You slog through the rain, seeking out some short of shelter. 0:18- You stumble across a dark, gravel-strewn cave. It looks safe enough, so you crouch down, cast a spell of arcane light, and pull out your spellbook. You know you've got something to clear up the weather, but you can't quite remember the incantations. 0:42- The sound of heaving breathing catches your attention. You hurriedly put away your spellbook and cast a ward of invisiblity 0:53- A terrifying beast steps out from the shadows. You quickly realize that it's a werewolf- a gigantic one, at that. It stands no less than fifteen feet tall, rippling with blood-matted fur. 0:57- You begin to creep away, but the beast seems to be following you. All too late you remember your orb of light. The glowing blue-white ball leads the werewolf right to you. 1:03- Your cloak falters as you begin to sprint. The beast catches on in an instant, launching into a powerful sprint. 1:10- Sharp claws dig into your back, dragging you down to the ground. The beast licks your face with its raspy tongue. 1:18- You struggle, but it's of no use. Your magic does little when you cannot speak. The werewolf grabs you by the shoulders and bites down on you with its powerful maw. 1:27- After fighting to get a better grip, the beast begins to swallow. With four mighty gulps, you are drawn down into its throat. 1:40- Your limp form slides into the creature's stomach as it begins to stalk back into the caves. 2:30- The beast curls into a ball to digest its meal. Magic may be powerful, but the forces of nature are stronger still.
Tags: Wolf Werewolf Cave Rain Book Match Roar Growl Maw Licking Tongue Throat Gullet Swallow Swallowing Swallowed Eaten Breathing Belly Stomach Gut Chamber Slimy Gurgle Bubbling Stepping Walking Canine
Added: Dec 18, 2014
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