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Never Corner a Cat (Werecat Vore POV)
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Description: by FenrirFangs 0:00- Midnight. You've been hired to keep watch on a noble's mansion whilst he is away on an overnight hunt. So far, things have been quiet. Your heavy steel armor clinks softly as you wander the halls. 0:18- The barking of guard dogs alerts you to trouble. You race out into the foyer. 0:24- A large window shatters, admitting a hooded figure wielding a sap. You draw your bastard sword and charge. 0:29- The thief sidesteps you and smashes you in the head with his club, knocking you to the floor. He smashes a glass case, snatches up a diamond necklace, and flees. 0:35- You scramble to your feet to give chase. The thief runs out into the courtyard, but makes a wrong turn and enters a narrow alley. 0:45- Feeling confident in your chances, you advance towards the thief. His hood falls back, revealing cat's ears. Seems like he's a Kahjiit. 0:51- Without warning, a glowing green nimbus of light blasts from the cat's hands. They paralyze you in an instant. You feel as if you're falling, but then it hits you- you're shrinking. 0:57- Unable to move, you watch from the corner of your eye as the Kahjiit transforms into a towering werecat. It stands just over eight feet tall, but you've been reduced to no more than a half foot. The beast approaches you, purring loudly. 1:15- A swipe of the werecat's claws is all it takes to lift you into the air. 1:20- The creature lets go, dropping you into its sticky maw. It licks you thoroughly before gulping you down. 1:27- The waves of peristalsis sweep you down, pulling you closer and closer to the creature's stomach. 1:46- You land in the wet prison, sinking to the bottom for an agonizing eight seconds before bobbing back to the surface. 2:08- Heavy thuds echo through the beast's belly as it begins to walk away, purring as loudly as before. 2:45- With a mighty leap, the werecat clears the four-foot stone wall. You slip beneath the surface a second time, although not quite as long as before. 3:00- Deprived of oxygen, your life begins to fade.
Tags: Werecat Cat Feline Anthro Huge Giant Shrink Grab Sticky Maw Jaws Tongue Swallow Swallowing Gulp Gulping Swallowed Eaten Alive Whole Stomach Belly Gut Gurgle Bubbling Splash Walking Steps Jump Slosh Liquid Purring Roar Yowl Glass
Added: Dec 18, 2014
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