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Snake Paradise

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love it . cant wait for more

Added: Jan 21, 2012 15:34
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Member: zous  
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Description: " The Serpentine Haven reservation is the only one in it's kind. It houses many beautiful, intriquing, however, endangered species known to modern science. Among them, we can find some of the most rare snake species on the planet. These creatures are so greatly endangered with extinction, that the reservation has become a forbidden zone. It is now completely unaccesible to anyone. To break this rule is to risk extremely heavy fine, jail... or worse. From time to time, only reservation guards are allowed to enter, though they must thread carefully. For even if they were attacked by one of the snakes living there, they would not be able to defend themselfes. Park guards don't have any weapons to minimize the risk of harm to any endangered snakes. So even if a guard sees another person being attacked by huge snake, they aren't allowed to help that person because the preservation of endangered species is top priorty. Although, there is no official confirmation that the snakes living in the park are man-eaters, the are rumors saying that park guards used to find snake feces containing undigested remains of clothing (mostly, female underware). Some people seem to ignore the rule and carelessly enter the park area. So did the young woman, who has become missing few days ago. She went there totally unprepared, like if she was going to the beach, not the feeding groung of giant reptiles. She did not realise that she could as well become a prey to a slithering predator... Or maybe she did? And went there despite the risk (or even because of it)?..." My new photomanip. After that shower pic I kinda liked the idea of head-first and coiling/constriction. The delectable beauty, the snake has the honor to hug is the polish playmate of the year - Kasia Danysz. Hope you like it. RATE AND COMMENT! Enjoy!
Tags: snake vore nude erotic hot head first constrict playmate Kasia Danysz
Added: Jan 20, 2012
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