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phil is yummey
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...uhm sorry to bother you again. When you hit the fav button at the top it takes someone to the persons favorite videos...how do you switch to a persoms favorite pictures.

Added: Jul 12, 2013 15:28

Thanks for your help!

Added: Jul 12, 2013 15:23

How can I see your favorite pictures? Thank you for your time.

Added: Jul 3, 2013 17:05
phil is yummey  

My vore storynnnback in 1957 at the age of 10, I went to the movie show to see a monster movie named voodoo island.nStaring Boris Karloff and jean engstrom about man-eating plants on a island as they were exploring the guys left the girls alone and one went to a pond exploring it looked nice so she striped and swam around and a plant started expanding into the lake she swam into it and it grabbed her wrapping it’s self around her and dragging her up on the ground to digest her I had never tried sex before but GOT SO HOT I had to go in the bathroom and masturbate this was the FIRST TIME I CAME IN MY LIFE.nAnd it scared me I WAS ONLEY 10 then I would think of getting trapped with her and licking the skin off her boobs as they were digested and pushing the digestive juice in to her with my manhood and getting digested with her while having sex I even searched woods and brush for man eating plants so I could feed my self to it then I got into sharks then crocks then one day I went to the beach and saw my first sea anemone WOW I had to know about this so I read every book I could find on them learning how digestion works and all I could about sea anemones I wanted to be digested alive I went to the tide pools and stuck my finger in a sea anemone for a hour it felt like a water bed soft and kinda like being in pudding and like it was not there but it was I started to feel little random electric shocks on my finger it felt wonderful it made me very hot and I took my finger out it was all white and wrinkled like if you stayed in a hot tub to long and I could see lose skin on it I went nuts and stuck it in my mouth and sucked it clean it made me cum and I was in love so I stuck my tong in one a shock went threw it and it went numb I couldn’t feel it knowing that meant no pain I was in heaven I wanted my while body in one then I did the big thing I had SEX with a sea anemone WOW it was the hottest sex in my life and my seamen got digested I became part of it it changed my life I knew some day i want to be Digested alive by a sea anemone and join it forever if you want to see my finger after getting digested fore a hour go look at this web siten http://www.thevoretube.com/pictures/225/my-finger-after-a-hour-in-a-sea-anemone.htm nnafter that I went to school and over time found girls but my love was always in my mind years later I had thoughts of snakes swallowing me it still sounds nice then I got into computers when they came out did cybersex then one day was looking at hot pictures of sea anemones and snakes eating stuff and found a word called VORE I looked it up WOW now what I had all my life and others are like me and I found nhttp://www.thevoretube.com/nnand other vore sites so now I am over 60 years old and the only sex I have is masturbating to my vore pictures and wishing I was close to the sea and my true love nnwhen I think of my love I dream of getting inside and laying on it’s soft digestive filaments that feel like laying in pudding and feel the electric current on my body as it slowly digest’s me and absorbs me as it gets stronger and I get weaker and become part of it while rubbing the digestive juice in to my manhood and body feeling my skin dissolve. n

Added: Oct 23, 7838 13:48

Thank you for sharing your story below. It is very much appreciated. Actually if you don't mind me saying, its a really nice flow-of-consciousness piece. Back before the Internet and before Voretube in the early 1990s I walked around thinking I was the only person with devourment fantasies and that I must be super-wierd. I felt half-way guilty about it. I was a silly boy. That is all long gone. Fantasies like Vore are actually healthy for relationships and best understood by the imaginative people I've noticed. :-)

Added: Oct 23, 2180 13:32
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