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Terms Of Use

VoreTube.com is an ADULT community-driven website displaying data about locations all across the country. Anyone may add locations to our database and those with registered accounts may edit the locations found here. As a result, we cannot and do not guarantee the validity of the information found here and are not responsible for inaccurate or missing data on locations.

The owners and management of this site do not necessarily agree with any of the information posted on this web site. It is an open media sharing website and anyone that register can post whatever they like. If you have an issue with something posted, please contact the person who posted it.

If you are a under 18 please leave this website now. The content on this website is for adults and the subject matter is one that younger minds will NOT understand. This is an ADULT oriented website. Some of the clips and pictures are extremely graphic in nature and should NOT be seen by a minor.

This is a fantasy website. Please keep it that perspective. If you feel the need to harmfully act out your fantasies of vore, please seek medical attention. This site merely reflects what is already out there on the internet.

The only other rule you have to abide by is that whatever you post it has to be vore related. If it's not vore related, then it will be not be approved or removed if found. It can even be RAW materials for people to make vore art with. Raw materials must be approved by the videographer / artist(s) who made the raw materials. There will be a special section for that too.

If posting preview works from an artist, please give them credits and link to their works. DO NOT POST any videos from ANY artists' member only galleries. I am are trying to support the artists in the vore community, not rip them off! If you see any unapproved postings of your works, please let me know and I will remove it. And absolutely no under aged content.

And don't bother with the 'family filter' it won't apply to us! Just keep in mind this site will most likely be not safe for work!!! If I feel that it's really graphic, then I'll change the 'family filter' for that individual upload.

When posting content that seems OK on YouTube, keep in mind that this is a fetish adult website, unlike YouTube. The context of the sites is VERY different. So posting a little girl eaten by a couch on YouTube is cute there, but may be viewed as something different here, most of you will know what I am talking about and that's NOT acceptable. Please do not upload any under-aged content here.

Real life RL vore is fine as long as it's not staged and forced for a fetish shoot. When it's staged and the video placed on a fetish site, it can be seen as cruelty to animals and that is NOT acceptable here either. If it looks staged or purposely done, please do not post it. I love animals and all creatures and any kind of cruelty to them is NOT acceptable here. Thank you.

Don't forget! I would like all of you to please update your profile pictures. The pictures you pick will give me a little insight about you without having to say anything. I just want to get to know all of you even if it's just through a picture.

Thanks and enjoy the site!

- Stacey ^_^