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Gore and Vore

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Excellent work, sir. Very provocative!

Added: May 30, 2012 18:29

To each thier own Luna...eh what.
Bloody good show!

Added: Mar 27, 2012 01:57

Personally the blood and gore aspect really doesn't do it for me. Not my kink. Also, your pictures tend to be very dark and hard to make out what's going on in them. I end up downloading them, resizing them to a size that fits my screen better, then adjusting the light levels to brighten them up until I can actually make out what's going on in them.

Added: Nov 22, 2011 16:49

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Member: ancestorsrelic  
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Description: Did we really need a hard-vore warning? The title says its all! Thats the way a wyvern would do it: Limb from limb, cracking bones, ripping flesh and clothings, greedy devouring its prey in bite-sized bloody chunks: Shrikes teeth are not made for chewing, but for ripping flesh and sinews and cracking large bones with only one bite. So it was very fast over for Vanessa, as Shrike bites her Head off and crushed Vanessas skull between her jaws... As we can see, one leg and one arm are already devoured too and Shrike just bite off Vanessas second leg... I think, this is gory enough for now and i don't have to show how she cracked Vanessas chest and abdomen as next to rip out the tasty innards ;-)
Category: Monster Vore Stills
Tags: dragon wyvern hard vore ripping eating devouring bloody gore cracking bones
Added: Nov 22, 2011
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