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Pure Vore
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hi i wondering do you do vore rps you know role play vore thourth private messages it can also be a good way to write a acting script for your vore videos witch are amazing such beautiful sexy women

being gobbled up but you would get way more sucribers if your vore videos actually had a plot and dialog and please dont take offence to do this but your vore videos have gotten to predictable sexy women are unwillingy gobbled up it gets bordering afar a while how about some vids were the monster actually seduces the women making her

willing prey also the monster eating sexy women thing gets old affter a while you should switch things up like say human pred x human prey like say a male are female seduces a sexy women and eats her you can use computer effects to make look like its actually happening anyway what i originally wanted to ask is will you vore role play with me

Added: Oct 22, 6811 14:41

This is how its supposed to be. girl gets grabbed and stripped by the monster and ripped of her panties and you see everything her beautifull ass and pussy! I love it. Im very horny looking at this video.

Added: Oct 22, 3925 14:19

Excellent! I love looking at the poor girl's butthole while she dies

Added: May 15, 2014 08:22


Added: Mar 14, 2014 04:42

Beautiful - beautiful butt shots as she finally loses.

Added: Mar 5, 2014 09:47
Member: zl720  
videos: 1     subscribers: 10     channels: 0
Description: Nude woman gets swallowed
Category: Damsels in Distress
Tags: nude, swallow
Added: Jul 21, 2013 Runtime: 7 min 14 sec
Views: 97190  |  Downloads: 0  |  Favorited: 150


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