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Giantess Kai Finds a Tiny Man Hiding in Her Dress and Eats Him Alive
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"You're pathetic" would be her taunt if she was in a street fighter game xD

Added: Aug 7, 2012 02:29

I'd love to slide into her belly!

Added: Feb 26, 2012 15:21

wih it were me..

Added: Jul 5, 2011 22:20
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Member: voregiantess  
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Description: http://www.clips4sale.com/store/35853
Category: Giantess Vore Clips
Tags: asian female giantess gts fetish vore smother eating tiny men alive eaten swallowed swallow swallowing little man shrunken giant large feet tongue wide open mouth teeth foot amazon woman chew chewing molars uvula back of throat inside stomach shrink shrinking growth grow digest digested digesting huge boobs big gigantic tits breasts implants humongous size g
Added: Jun 25, 2011 Runtime: 1 min 6 sec
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