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Collaborations with Hank Samuels - Women in Peril
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What Happened with the video were the snake was actually eating her?? O.o

Added: Aug 16, 2014 16:34

what is happening here?

Added: Jul 4, 2012 20:12

This is gust as much of a thrill as snake vore collab.

Added: Oct 30, 2011 20:22

Use FlashGot

Added: Jul 9, 2011 00:06

How do you download video to add to it? I get downloading disabled when I try.

Added: Jul 4, 2011 07:24

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Member: teamstaceyli  
videos: 50     subscribers: 241     channels: 1
Description: We also have the great opportunity to work with Hank Samuels of RueMorgue.

This sexy nude model did an excellent job of playing a damsel in distress!. Hot!

This will make a great feet first vore piece!


Lets see what YOU guys can come up with! Feel free to add snakes, worms, bugs, etc... to the video to create your own more fantastic vore pieces! Then upload them here for everyone to enjoy your new masterpiece!

Category: RAW Footage
Tags: hank samuels, ruemorgue, feet first, voreville
Added: May 2, 2011 Runtime: 0 min 13 sec
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