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There's a Snake in my Bed - Snake Vore
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Sorry, not into pain. No chewing, tearing, ripping, dissolving, shredding, or crushing of beautiful girls. For me, vore is a sensual/sexual experience.

Added: Mar 29, 2015 17:00

MMMm, I like, I just wish we could have seen and heard some bone crushing inside

Added: Mar 29, 2015 16:42

Thanks guys! Glad you like the movie.

Added: Nov 11, 2013 03:20

Very well done animation

Added: Nov 7, 2013 21:52

also, which kind of girl i might ask, that would you sacrifice your life to get eaten by a snake nude??? i would, if i were a girl. ;)

Added: Aug 8, 2013 21:04

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Member: qsvgitguy  
videos: 23     subscribers: 364     channels: 1
Description: A girl finds out its not a good idea to sleep naked with all the windows open, especially when you're recovering from a recent boob job.
Category: All Other Vore
Tags: Poser, Snakes, Drama, Swollow
Added: May 4, 2011 Runtime: 4 min 15 sec
Views: 243710  |  Downloads: 0  |  Favorited: 303


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