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Eaten Alive
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Very cool well done respect dude.

Added: Jan 3, 2013 19:57

very good

Added: Aug 18, 2012 13:06

nice, ver nice..eh what

Added: Jul 4, 2012 20:37

Good job

Added: Nov 19, 2011 19:05

If this is your first animation, please, please, please make more! As constructive criticism only, I will offer the following: the prey looked a little stiff and the sound effects were a bit overpowering, but that's all! The pred was very realistic and the background was awesome. Masterful work, and please keep producing!

Mr. Yum

Added: Nov 6, 2011 15:49

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Member: ancestorsrelic  
videos: 1     subscribers: 37     channels: 0
Description: This is my first 3D-animation i made, done in March 2011. Basically an animated redux of my Gigalania Prisca-series (available at DeviantART, stillshots) i created in 2008. The VoreTube-version was unfortunately stretched to aspect-ratio 4:3, but the 16:9 HD-version (51 MB!!) is available as free download here: http://fav.me/d57q99b
Category: Monster Vore Clips
Tags: vore lizard reptile dinosaur beast monster creature damsel girl devoured jungle screaming distress
Added: Nov 6, 2011 Runtime: 1 min 49 sec
Views: 81091  |  Downloads: 0  |  Favorited: 78


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