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Cannibal Women
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What film is it?

Added: Jan 10, 2016 07:28

I've never seen this footage before but I think I once caught a short segment from earlier in this same film. The warden chases down a kitten the inmates had been taking care of and stomps it dead. She deserved what she got.

Added: Nov 24, 2011 20:50
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Description: This one's VERY gorey! Believe it or not, the entire clip was ripped off of YouTube! (I know, I was shocked, too!) The footage, I believe, is from a short film called The Wicked Warden. I've never seen the entire movie, so I only have a rudimentary knowledge of the plot--but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that these abused inmates are getting the ultimate revenge on the warden that has tortured them so. I edited a lot of stuff out keeping just the hard vore stuff in.
Category: Girls Eating Girls
Tags: Girls Eating Girls, gore, hard vore, cannibal, cannibalism, blood, guts
Added: Nov 23, 2011 Runtime: 1 min 42 sec
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