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Peril On Party Island
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Very nice, but they should get naked, or even better, be naked the entire time. And mabye there should have been some blood with shark. That would be more realistic. But great vid!

Added: Jul 11, 2012 21:19

Probably the hottest video here, where people are swallowed by animals! Very good! Please make more videos like that!

Added: Feb 13, 2012 16:36

thanks Doc & lunaroki! yup I screwed up on some of the font size sorry

Added: Dec 30, 2011 15:46

My biggest complaint is that I couldn't read half of the text. If you could post a transcript that'd be great. It's too bad none of them got naked, apart from Dave in that one dream. Overall though, very nice. :)

Added: Dec 30, 2011 10:15

Very good, lots of Vore and lots of positions { head first, feet first, back on tongue, stomach on tongue } keep up the good work..

Added: Dec 30, 2011 07:48
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Description: Just a Little slide show I made I hope you enjoy. Peace & Vore my friends.
Category: Snake Vore Clips
Tags: male female snake vore
Added: Dec 29, 2011 Runtime: 6 min 19 sec
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